Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro Dropper Post Lever 22.2mm Clamp

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Excellent Adjustability | Machined Aluminum
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ReMote Pro is cycling’s most adjustable and refined dropper lever. It features more adjustment than any other dropper lever so you can configure your cockpit based on riding style. It also features a machined assembly for durability and ergonomics. Eight clamp options are available that are compatible with most MTB handlebars and can integrate with several brake clamps for a clean and tidy cockpit.





Added Adjustability
ReMote Pro is the only dropper lever that allows for adjustment of the lever starting position independent of the cable tension. This means you have 48° of rotational freedom to select your lever starting point. ReMote Pro can also be moved along and rotated around the handlebar as can be done with ReMote and ReMote Light Action, as well as laterally once the clamp is in its final place with the addition of three lateral mount points.



Increased Leverage
The cable pulley of ReMote Pro is designed with a cam (oval) shape around the axle. This provides more leverage at the beginning of the lever throw, when dropper posts need more force to open the fluid reservoir valve that allows the post to move. Think of it as starting to pedal a bike from a dead stop while in a low, easy gear compared to starting in a high gear. The cam shape creates smooth, precise, quick actuation.



Full Metal Assembly
ReMote Pro uses CNC machined aluminum for every major component including the lever, base, cam and mount. The anodized Wolf Tooth chainring bolt and three stainless steel screws hold everything together. Solid, reliable and beautiful — another future classic from Wolf Tooth.


Other Features  

Total Compatibility
ReMote Pro is compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts.

Large Cartridge Bearing
A stainless steel bearing keeps actuation smooth, precise, and fluid.

Cable-kind Clamp
The cable clamp won’t bend or pinch cables. Secure and friendly.



  • Lateral Position Adjustment: 12mm
  • Angular Position Adjustment: Yes
  • Lever Length: 55mm
  • Leverage Ratio: Variable CAM: 5.3-4.6
  • Bearing Type: Sealed Ball Bearing
  • Bearing Size: 19x10x5mm
  • Axle Type: Aluminum
  • Fully Serviceable: Yes
  • Compatibility
    • SRAM Matchmaker X
    • I-Spec EV
    • I-Spec B
    • I-Spec II
    • Magura
    • Hope
    • Hayes
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