Dynafit Ski Crampons

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Dynafit ski crampons are light, affordable, and easy to put on. Skinning just got way easier in crust! Backcountry skiing doesn't have to be scary or dangerous. Avoid blisters and sketchy, sweaty kick turns in the steeps.
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You need ski crampons. We have fun listening to customers tell us they don't want them. We get it. they seem only needed for extreme climbers. And yes, I skied all the same peaks without them too when I was a kid. But I got blisters and risked injury! I was full of sweat and gripping my poles! Trust me, your friends are bummed when you show up without ski crampons. It slows the group down and sometimes leads your partners to tossing theirs back in the truck, with a "keep the group together" strategy. But they are bummed. Or maybe they bring theirs and go a different way you can't go. 

I only use ski crampons for a small part of the climb, but I use them on most firm snow days. It doesn't need to be ice to benefit from ski crampons. Sun and wind create a crust on the slope that is not firm enough to walk on, but skinning gets really difficult. Save time and aggravation and just pop these guys on your bindings to fly through there. Another example is traversing above an exposed cliff, or making kick turns where a steep slope pinches narrow.  Sure, you can put post hole and grovel straight up. You might have to do that. But first I try to use the ski crampons. 

Pro tip: don't let them clank on a carabiner like a cow bell. And don't put them on before you need them and take them off when you don't. There is a little bit of drag that is hard to feel, but it saps your energy. Just look ahead at the terrain to forecast where they may be helpful and stop just shy of that spot to install. Make your friends get a pair. They are really light and come in the perfect storage bag. 

Mike Schwartz


This Dynafit Crampon is available in various sizes and compatible with every Dynafit binding. It attaches to the ski bindings quickly and easily, guaranteeing extra grip and security in icy conditions. Color varies by size.



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